Mike Hodges

Role: Segment Lead – Upstream

Partner: BP

Mike Hodges graduated in Chemistry from the University of London in 1979 and later gained a PhD in Gas Phase Ion Molecule Reactions, and their use in mass spectrometry of lubricating oils, also from London.

He joined BP Sunbury Research Centre as an analytical chemist in 1983 and over the next 18 year developed and deployed tools for bulk property to detailed molecular characterization for all BP’s businesses.

In 2001, he joined Refining New Technology Group working in a range of areas including; hydrocarbon feeds for Fuel Cells, development of technologies supporting Refining acid crude processing and initiated BP work in crude compatibility and crude unit asphaltene fouling reduction.

In 2003 he was one of the founders of the Refinery of the Future Downstream Technology Leadership programme. In 2010 Mike became Refining’s Principal Feedstock Consultant and later in 2012 Advisor Hydrocarbons Chemistry. In 2011 he helped to establish refining’s Feedstock Flexibility and Integrity Flagship technology program, developing the strategy, and becoming SPA for the Managing Contaminates Focus Area.

In June 2013 Mike took up the Role of Theme Lead Production Chemistry, in the Upstream Inherently Reliable Facilities Flagship, working to develop and deploy technology to reduce the risk and impact from scale, asphaltenes, souring and hydrates on upstream production. He continues maintain strong links between upstream and downstream, and with group technology in hydrocarbon’s chemistry and technology.

In January 2014, Mike took on the wider role of Team Leader Production Chemistry and Corrosion in the facilities technology flagship, with BP upstream. In 2016 he became the Upstream Segment Lead for ICAM.