Imaging techniques developed at ICAM allow us to more quickly view processes.

Research focus area: underpinning tools

At ICAM underpinning tools are broadly defined as scientific disciplines that cut across the spectrum of advanced materials science and engineering.

Without these tools it would be difficult or impossible to deliver many of our research projects. The scientific disciplines are, modelling, imaging and characterisation and they one or more of these disciplines are components of a number of our projects.

Imaging is critical for example in identifying and understanding the structure, properties and mode of action in materials down to the micron level, and for understanding porous flow through rocks and membranes.

Modelling allows us to explore fundamental molecular level interactions and behaviours and will give deep insights into, for example mechanisms of deposition and fouling.

Impact area: underpinning tools

In deep water environments materials need to be resistant to corrosion and erosion. 

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